More then a decade long work period in sports journalism and sports photography brought to Goran a lot of experience in reporting from some of the biggest sport events in the world, like World Championships and Olympic Games. Working in such an environment he developed a sense for identifying and extracting the most important details in every job. Also, he developed a highest level of independence with a significant amount of initiative and creativity. Everything mentioned gave him a great amount of flexibility and working speed even in stress and demanding situations. In his opinion filming live events is very inspiring for him. Those kind of situations represents routine for him, where he gives the best of himself. Even if you just need a 'hand' in your production team, second shooter, independent video journalist, editor, photographer or maybe you need some kind of TV report which has to be done in just a couple of hours, be sure that job will be finished on time and the most professional way. On the other hand, he can organize and manage even biger and demanding productions with great support of his business partners. 

For many years Goran is official photographer and cinematographer of Croatian Ski Association (CroSki). Besides, he is in very responsible position for Organising Committee of Audi FIS Ski World Cup Vip Snow Queen Trophy - Zagreb/Sljeme Race as a chief of Photographers. His team is also responsible for multimedia content (photo and video) for UCI cycling race Tour of Croatia, which belongs in category of "top 3 national sport events" in the Republic of Croatia. When he doesn't do any public or sport events, he makes promotional and corporate movies, trailers and shorts which main goal is to represent companies and their products. In his work many other projects can also find a place, like music videos and weddings that he does in very modern and urban way. Complete production and postproduction independence, carefully selected gear and business partners as well, gives Goran a fair amount of competitiveness in terms of his price, which position him in the very top of his potential clients whish list.

A wide range of past business arrangements can guarantee any further client a fair amount of confidence. They can expect that they will recieve a service which is appropriate to their needs. Even if they need a small and private arrangement only for a family purpose, or they need a medium to large production which includes writing a screenplay, location scouting, casting, photography, 4k production/postproduction... Goran will always find a way to meet his client needs. 

Local and foreign arrangements are both realty of our time. Borders almost doesn't exist, and travel is cheaper then ever, so don't hesitate to give him a call or message. Arrange a viral or face to face meeting and find out everything about his professional life while he recharges his bateries. Till the end of conversation his cameras will already be on 'stand by' position and ready to go. :)