Audi Sportscar Experience - Red Bull Ring

Posted by: Goran Razic

Audi Sportscar Experience - Red Bull Ring

Succesfull cooperation with Audi Croatia and Porsche Croatia brought once again a very interesting job on legendary "Red Bull Ring"

Close collaboration with Porsche Croatia and Audi in the fall of 2016 brought another interesting and dynamic job. In cooperation with KL-Photo, we were given the task of shooting and photographing the Audi Sportscar Experience event  on Austrian Red Bull Ring. A preselected team of Croatian journalists, athletes and celebrities, at the same time Audi's fan, received an invitation for this prestigious event.

Aud's PR team, assisted by professional drivers and sports instructors, had a task to briefly introduce the participants to the models of cars that were available on that day in a completely private legendary race track. Available were the Audi RS6 Avant, the RS7 and the real gem R8 plus. The initial lecture in the classroom soon was replaced by the track on which the first part of the day driving was assisted by an instructor.

Our task was the photo and video production of a complete event with the emphasis on the drive itself and the beauty shots of driving cars. The final product except for top-quality photos was a short 1-minute trailer and a 3-minute aftermovie.

It was another work of extraordinary dynamics and therefore of great responsibility since the complete event was in a fast pace. We had only 8 hours to record everything that was needed.

Aftermovie Trailer
Behind the Scenes

Complete video production was performed with the Sony FS700, 2 x a7s and a6500 cameras and a total of 5 GoPros that were rotated on cars throughout the day. Car shots were made using a gimbal stabiliser, while some of them were made from the hands.  Planned dron shoots were organized by KL-Photo, while my other colleague Bruno Gracin was a second shooter.