Goljak Special Hospital - 70th Anniversary

Posted by: Goran Razic

Goljak Special Hospital - 70th Anniversary

Shooting a short info-doc series for Goljak Special Hospital's anniversary

In early spring 2016, in cooperation with KL-Photo, I did a very extensive project, that was very challenging in every way (technically and thematically). It was all about shooting a short info-doc series for Goljak Special Hospital's anniversary. Special Hospital Goljak, based in Zagreb, Croatia, is a special institution for protection of children with neurodevelopment and motor disorders, that has been providing habilitation services for 70 years in a row.

Our task was to film and edit a series of nine info-doc videos about Goljak Hospital. We filmed one main video, which represents Goljak Hospital and its work range and eight videos about each indivi dual branch of specialty. Conceptual idea was to make docu style narrative where specialist from each branch leads us throughout the whole process of children habilitation and medical treatment. We have covered subject as follows: Occupational Therapy, Health Care, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Educational Rehabilitation, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy and Diagnostics.  The main challenge was the fact that we had some hardly compatible production elements. On one side we wanted to film as many beautiful filmlike shots (with nice camera movement and nice light) as we can, and on the other side we had very crowded place with busy schedule where documentary style is the only possible way. We didn't have much time for planing and production process because of the deadline, but we did everything in time, with 5 production and 7 postproduction days. 

We gave special attention to interviews, because it was the core of our story. We have built the set and filmed all of the interviews in one day. This decision gave us possibility to set up the whole set in a very careful way regarding camera and light position and sound recording. We have managed the whole filming almost without major problems. The only problem was one SD card error, so we were forced to repeat the whole interview with Director of the hospital. 

Regarding equipment, all interviews were filmed with two cameras: Sony FS700R (Sony 18-200 OSS lens) and a7s (Canon 70-200 2.8L IS and Samyang 85 t1.5). FS700R was our main camera which purpose was to take the main medium shot. Camera was set up on a slider which gaves us some movement and a sense of parallax. a7s was our B camera which combined
several close-ups. 

Here are all the movies: 
Health Care
Educational Rehabilitation
Speech Therapy
Sensory Therapy Integration
Occupational Therapy

Our main light was two daylight balanced fluorescent lights with octa softboxes in cooperation with two daylight LED panels which we used exclusively for hair and ambient light. B-Roll shots with children was also made with the same camera setup, but we used mainly monopod, slider and handheld shots. 

In postproduction I used Adobe software; Premiere Pro CC for video editing and coloring, After Effects for motion graphics and animation and Premiere/Audition combo for audio correction.

Besides that colleagues from KL-Photo managed photographing of the whole process, and they made complete digitalization of the pictures from the hospital archive as well.