GP Krk - 60th anniversary

Posted by: Goran Razic

GP Krk - 60th anniversary

The film on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company GP Krk is the third jubilee I did video and photo materials in 2016.

GP Krk is one of the leading construction companies in the Republic of Croatia, and certainly one of the most important and largest companies in Primorje-Gorski Kotar county. Produced by Kreativni Odjel from Rijeka, with whom I have the honor to work on a number of projects, I got a job filming number of constructions that the GP Krk has built in recent years.

In a little more than 2000 km, as far as we passed in the summer of 2016, we visited a number of locations such as marinas (Punat, Krk, Pula), sports facilities (Hall Zamet, Kantrida pools, soccer camp NK Rijeka in Rujevica), roads (Rijeka,, Bakar, Rupa) and a number of other roads and buildings in both the county and the whole of Croatia (Pleternica, Licko Petrovo selo, etc.).

Goal was to presentin the most beautiful way specified locations, at the same time to make photos for the purposes of monographs and videos for 5-minute promotional documentary. The production was very similar recording film of the Port Authority. The topic was very similar, and the production itself is in front of us put almost the same challenges. At the same time we have to be quick and expeditious in order to manage all locations, but still we have to be a little more creative than just a simple reportage.

The selection of equipment is a logical. For the photo  served my trusty Canon 1Dmk4. Video I shot with Sony FS700 camera with telephoto lens, while the need for wide angles I used Sony A7S mostly set on the gimbal stabilizer.

After almost three months of periodical shooting, we also had to do three interviews for the film. Mayor of the City of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel, Mayor of the City of Krk Darijo Vasilic and GP Krk director Josip Puric were recorded practically in the same day at three different locations. In no more than 20 minutes that we had available to record each speaker, we had to set up three types of lights and prepare equipment for recording sound and images. Additionally, Kreativni Odjel organised recording of voice-over that leads viewers through the entire movie.

Ultimately everything was done on time and a big premiere of the film was presented at the celebration marking the anniversary  in December 2016 in Rijeka.

As photographic side is concerned, after the most location photos were done,  client asked also for portrait photographs of workers on construction sites and in cooperation with the KL-photo we did a two-day photo shooting at 4 locations. Editorial of 50 photos perfectly served for making photo monograph whose design was done by Marko Perožić of company Fabula.

I must also mention people without whom the film would not be done. These are primarily Jusuf Šehović and Davor Pasarić (producers of Kreativni Odjel), Ranko Frka (video) and I (video and editor). The complete post-production was done in a very short, but still sufficient period of time.