Kisha - Promo

Posted by: Goran Razic

Kisha - Promo

Filming promotional movie

Once again I achieved very good cooperation with multimedia production company from Rijeka - Kreativni odjel. This time we made a promotional movie for a new Croatian startup called Kisha. Final product was intended mainly for social networks, YouTube and Vimeo channels. The main goal of the movie was to briefly present functions that this unusual and very special product has. For those who are not familiar with Kisha, let me explain a little bit: it's a high tech umbrella which has a bluetooth connection with smartphone. So, in case you forget the umbrella somewhere, smartphone can register the signal loss and warn you about that. Besides, mobile application can do many other informative things. Promotional movie was filmed in two locations in the City of Rijeka, the hometown of Kisha. The first location was popular caffe bar - ‘Cukar i kafe’, and the second was a private house where we  filmed the bedroom wakening shots. I admire that all crew was very professional and quick in their tasks. The starring actress, Croatian model Vedrana Linardić was able to finish everything in a very small number of takes. That was very nice experience. 

Entering and exiting shots were very easy to take, so we have been able to film them almost without repeating. Chatting shots between friends in coffee shop were also very relaxed and we only had minor problems with the light. We wanted to catch as much as possible day light from the window, but that wish had put the camera in the true temptation about a sensor dynamic range. We have lighten up the interior with few LED panels simulating ambient light. The production had to be relatively small, but very creative and flexible. All major shots we have filmed with Sony FS700, and just a few shots with my old Canon 5Dmk2. All interior shots were filmed with Canon prime lenses, entering and exiting shots were filmed with 50 f1.2L lens and shot behind the table was shot with 24 f1.4L lens. Exiting shot from exterior was filmed with 70-200 f2.8L IS lens and walkout shot was filmed with Canon 5Dmk2 and 16-35 f2.8L lens. Bedroom interior shot was also taken with 50mm lens. 

Complete postproduction, motion graphics and animation was made by Kreativni odjel and Jusuf Šehović - Jupi.