Music Video - "Moj Toreador"

Posted by: Goran Razic

Music Video - "Moj Toreador"

Music video for croatian band "Turisti"

In the most busily period of year for me, December, I got a call from Kreativni Odjel for another joined project. There was a need to do a music video for the rock band from Rijeka called “Turisti”. Ambitious plan and limited budget, as usual. But we didn't waste time, in a couple of days we where already on a set. Location spot for video shooting led to a basement of Museum of Childhood in Rijeka, were a little stage with it's background offers good filming set. Although we spent some time thinking how to make this space more attractive, the decision was to achieve minimalism with cabaret style with a help of appropriate lighting. 

Client wanted a final video in 4k resolution, which is somewhat a novelty in Croatian music video industry. For us it was motivating. Jupi did a great job preparing a scenario and since it was not too complicated shooting plan was done very quickly. Six LED panels did the mood like we wanted and shooting could start. Iva Močibob,  Bobo Grujičić and Vava did their sections very relaxed, so we did most of the scenes in only two or three takes.

Music video was entirely shot with Sony a7s camera in 4k resolution on external Atomos Shogun recorder/monitor using UHD ProRes 422. Canon and Rokinon lenses (24 f1.4L, 50 f1.2L, 85 T1.5, 16-35 f2.8L i 70-200 f2.8L IS) were used to do shots. First scene was made using 1m long Gearbox slider with slight shift to the side and camera lift that reveals a lead singer; emphasis on her dress while candles give a sparkle of mystique, romance but also a fire theme of music video. Total and close shots were shot with Sachtler tripod, with 50 or 85 mm lens. Part of the video with only a  silhouette was done behind a curtain with 85mm lens and only a little LED panel positioned right behind a singer. A real challenge was the last scene in which singer doesn't blink for a long time and candles are positioned around her. Scene was filmed using Senna One Minute XL crane, 35 mm lens, with simultaneous camera rotation and lift that achieves that singer goes out of focus in the very last song sequence. 

Music video was broadcast in December on  CMC Music TV channel and shared by many other media like Novi and others.