NK Rijeka - photo & video shoot ("green screen")

Posted by: Goran Razic

NK Rijeka - photo & video shoot ("green screen")

Filming for the stadium big screen

In summer 2014. we had video and photo shooting for first and second team of football club Rijeka. Shooting was done in front of the green screen, intended for player cards displayed on stadium video wall during matches. This task was very demanding for several reasons. All work must have been completed in one day on a location away from home town - in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, where team had their summer camp. Both vide and photo part should have been done at the same time. In other words - we had only a few hours to do the job, in parallel, without any delays. Because of a non-working day and distant location, all equipment selection and preparation must have been done without any flaw. After a few days spent on organization and crew meetings we packed our stuff and headed for Slovenia. A five members team included  Igor Babić (gaffer and chief of green screena), Natalija Primorac (make up), Ivan Lacković and Kristijan Komarica (photo) and me (video). Upon arrival in a hotel and selecting appropriate location spots, shooting could start. In one room we had photo set, in another video set, while in the third one Natalija did her make-up wonders. Photo set had two backgrounds, one black and one white so creative decisions were made on the go. KL-Photo team had to make official portraits for all players as well as headquaters. Set was lighten with 6 lights that gave clasiccal yet dramatic effect which we found the best for such an occasion (sports portrait photography). 

Video shooting was a little bit more sensitive because of complicated green screen lightning.  6 kinoflo (2 bank) light backed up with  2 LED panels were just enough to correctly ligten background as well as a subject filmed. Kino Flo and LED once more prooved as an excellent choice for time-consuming video shooting indoors, where realiabillity and coldness of light elements were crucial. Also, daylight balanced light could have beed nicely adjusted, without noticing difference in technology. More than 50 people were filmed during a period of 4 hours, with only one short break. Entire video job was done with Sony FS700 camera that sent output through HDMI port to external Blackmagic Hyperdeck recorder. BM recorded video in ProRess 422 format which was important for postproduction, keying and other stuff needed for this kind of project. Camera had  Canon 50 mm f1.2L lens and all material was taken in 25fps, but in high speed shutter at almost 1/400. Reason for that was to avoid possible motion blur situations and to ease up amount of work needed in postproduction. Constant blend of f5.6 gave us certanty and needed sharpness which we additionaly controled on  5,6" TV Logic screen in HD resolution and also on external HP 24" monitor.

The same job was done several months later in NK Rijeka's officces, but this time for another team, junior team, complete professional headquarters, including also football school staff. Sucessfully finished projects brought more arrangements for NK Rijeka. This time project was lead by Kreativni odjel where we had to make a documentary of building new stadium and training camp in Rujevica. Besides visual simulations that were done by KO, toghether with producer and director Jusuf Šehović we filmed seriers of interviews with lead players, club president, sports director, Town of Rijeka mayor Vojko Obersnel and others. Project was broadcast in local television channel Kanal RI, on YouTube and other social networks. It gave more insight into Rujevica project.