One Day With the European Champion - Marijo Moznik

Posted by: Goran Razic

One Day With the European Champion - Marijo Moznik

Promotional web video for croatian athlete Marijo Moznik

Another interesting challenge that I had as a director, produced by KL-Photo. In mid March 2016 we had to make short promo video for  one of the best gymnast in Croatia and European champion Marijo Možnik. His sponsors Red Bull, Audi and Tag Heuer wanted a dynamic 2.5 minute long film about one day in his life, partially filmed from his point of view. Main target were social networks, media and other promotional channels and main goal was to promote Marijo as an athlete but also to present a little bit of his private life to the audience.

After detailed briefing and meetings, shooting started end of March. It took two days and 6 locations both in and outdoors. We had a very precise schedule without any deviations, although we filmed 10-12 hours per day. The most demanding spot was Sokol gym hall in center of Zagreb. The building itself is very old with poor natural lighting and to make things even worse, very bad neon lights were on the walls while middle was almost in dark. For that reason we used fresnel halogen lights, ideal for shooting from distance. This was crucial to get correctly positioned lightning from distance for many different shots including ones with wide angle.



Interesting fact is that while shooting we didn't interfere in daily activities in this gym, so other athletes were also there, at least 20-30 of them, but because of lighting, editing and color correcting we managed to show Marijo without any other activity, as if he had a gym completely for himself.

Shooting inside and outside of Sokol gym lasted for three hours after which we shot a car, car ride and Marijo's watch (used for sponsor film version) and also final scene with friends in a pub. For final scene two LED panels were used, that fit perfectly.

Opening scene was shot in Marijo's apartment and in front of the house. Faculty gym hosted some aerial shots that contributed to dynamics. A 1 meter long Gearbox slider was also used here, while other scenes were made with monopod and head mounted Go-pro.

Second camera shooters were Kristijan Komarica and Ivan Lacković. We used 5 different cameras in total and the main one was Sony a7s which once more proved to be excellent choice in poor light conditions but also a camera with beautiful full frame look and great practicality. Other cameras included Canon 1Dx, Canon 5D mk3, GoPro Hero 3+ black, with DJI Phantom 3 for aerial shots. Lens used were Canon 16-35 f2.8L, 24 f1.4L, 50 f1.2L, 24-105 f4.0L, 70-200 f2.8L IS and Samyang 85 t1.5. Postproduction was made with Adobe Premier, Photoshop and After Effects.