Port of Rijeka Authority - 20th Anniversary

Posted by: Goran Razic

Port of Rijeka Authority - 20th Anniversary

This year I had an assignment to film a video for Port of Rijeka Authority. I had to mark the 20th anniversary in the appropriate way

I had to film the passenger port, terminal for general and bulk cargo and future container terminal Zagreb pier, terminal for liquid cargo in Omisalj, terminal for bulk cargo in Bakar, container terminal Brajdica and terminal for general cargo, livestock and timber in Rasa. Final product was one 6-minute corporate movie which main purpose is to give the viewer an insight into the locations and activities of those ports. 

I'm very proud that I successfully managed all of the activities as a one-man producer. The whole job was done in cooperation with Digital Media Rijeka company as a job holder. 

Our clients had some requests regarding desired type of shots. They wanted a classical (but nice, smooth and 'corporate like') ground shots, aerial shots and underwater shots. In those situations I had a help from my colleague Ranko Frka. Postproduction and graphic animation were done by Jusuf Sehovic from Kreativni odjel company. 

I used specific combination of docu style filming in combination with some directed shots. Locations were filmed in documentaristic form without extra illumination, but micro locations were carefully selected on each venue with a specific goal - to film locations in the most attractive and dynamic way. We also had to combine wide opening shots with close shots and shots of the people, which give the viewer a dose of closeness. 

I wanted to get even more dynamic and harmony from the movie, so I use the proven recipe - to show the story in the form of 24 hours period. In that way I  had the possibility to give the viewer a feeling of parallel activities in each port in the same period of time. 

The movie was filmed with Sony FS700R and a7s cameras. It is edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and graphics were made in After Effects. Nine days were spent in total for production and postproduction.