Here is a list of reliable partners and friends. They come from different working areas (video asistents, filmmakers, photographers, designers, photo/video professionals...). Sometimes they are present on sets, but sometimes it is enough that Goran has them "somewhere around" :)

KL - Photo

Meet KL - Photo Team

Kristijan Komarica and Ivan Lackovic are two young and talented photographers based in Zagreb. They always aspire to make their work as innovative, original and unique as possible. Through their career they gathered experience in many aspects of photography, from press and travel to commercial photography. That's the way how they got their knowledge, experience and confidence needed for every job they have. Working segment in which they show the most of their talent is event photography with an emphasis on wedding photography. Some of their work you can find on official KL-Photo web page

Kreativni Odjel

Meet Kreativni odjel

Kreativni odjel is agency for marketing communications and multimedia production based in Rijeka. My cooperation with them lasts for several years, and up to now we already had many joint productions and projects like TV reportages, promotional and music videos, corporate films etc. Their primary activity is multimedia and web production, video design and postproduction, but they offer press design, branding and media comunications as well. On the other hand, postproduction design area opens so many opportunities, especially in cooperation with TV broadcasting networks, where they can offer complete graphic and video solutions. Because of very wide working area in video production and postproduction segment, Kreativni odjel represents very strong partner in video business. More on

Ivan Cvirn - Blenda d.o.o.

meet Ivan Cvirn

Cvirn's company "Blenda" is independent video production company founded in 2002. Their core business is preproduction, production and postproduction of high quality multimedia content. They have great experience in TV shows, music videos, live sports broadcasting, web videos, documentary and promotional films. They cooperate with few leading TV broadcasting networks, but they like to cooperate with independent video production companies as well. They offer a logistic support to some foreign TV broadcasting companies like Chinese Xinhua and German ARD. More on

Igor Babic

meet Igor Babic

Igor's company GEARBOX is equipment production company intended for videographers who are frequently on the move and need a reliable, lightweight and practical accessories for the modern film production. All products are the result of more than 15 years of experience in video and film production and post-production. In collaboration with experienced cameramen, they have created the basic accessories that enhance the quality and value of production drastically reducing costs. Their first and best-selling series of table dolly products are dollies that are manufactured in 3 sizes: Neutron, Atom and Neutron LS. Followed by series of rigs with the shoulder pad for the EX3 camera, EX1R and HDSLRs: Spider and Extron and linear sliders Track One and Track Two (in production). All products are constantly improved based on feedback from their satisfied customers who every day use the Gearbox products in Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Russia. More on

Bruno Gracin

Meet Bruno Gracin

Bruno is a freelance cinematographer, editor and photographer based in Zagreb. His work is widely known for making some of the most popular music videos for Croatian music artists like Massimo, Swingers, Ivana Kindl, Kim Verson etc. Bruno is very good wedding cinematographer as well. He is constantly improving his creative skills and, after all, he represents one of the most reliable partners in some of our joint productions.  More on

Cristian Todorovic

Meet Cristian

Cristian Todorovic - Toddesign - is a multidisciplinary designer born and raised in Croatia, currently working as a Freelance Designer around the globe with over nine years’ worth of experience in web, mobile and digital design. He is most passionate about building strong visual identities, minimal Ui/Ux, cutting edge web layouts and 3D artwork. During the past few years he lived and studied design in Bologna(Italy), where he attended design academy of fine arts and further developed his talent while doing an internship in a famous web agency Koinema. Driven by innovation and new ways to design experiences, his main goal is to have fun by doing what he loves and develop further as a designer and artist. You can contact Cristian and check out some of his best work on his official webpage